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Product Code: 0GE#PR0013F1

Generating set DGS-PR-0009 Water Cooled with Integrated Control Panel, ATS, Single (1+0) functionality, Sound Proof at 80dB(A) @ 1mt, able to supply 25 kVA Prime Power at 400/230V Three Phase, 50 Hz, 0,8 p.f.,1500 R

Telecom Box Package
Unique Features
- Diesel Generator
- Integrated Control Panel and ATS
- Single (1+0) working mode
- Sound Proof Canopy at 80 dB(A) @ 1 m
- 250 hours Service Interval
Optional & Accessories:
- Dual Functionalities (1+1)
- Integrated fuel tank 200-600-1000-2000-3000 lt
- Ultra Sound upgrade 70 or 60 dB(A) @ 1 m
- Long range service interval 1000-2000 hrs
- Automatic Dummy Load
- GSM or Web base Remote Control System
- Fuel Water Separator
- Automatic Lube Oil Top Up kit
- Ethernet communication
Scope of Supply
Generating set DGS-LP-0007-1F Water Cooled with Integrated Control
Panel, ATS, Single (1+0) functionality, Sound Proof at 80dB(A) @
1mt, able to supply 8 kVA Prime Power at 400/230V Three Phase
Phase, 50 Hz, 0,8 p.f., 1500 RPM @ ISO 3046 conditions with a
10% overload for 1 hrs in every 12 hrs.
Extreme Ambient Conditions
Due to special design and treatment applied to all the components,
the Ascot generating sets for Telecom Application are suitable to be
installed and operated in any extreme ambient conditions in
accordance with the engine deration and specifications.
Sound Proof Canopy 80dB(A) @ 1m
The Silent Canopy is built by an automatized production line using
zinc-coated-steel pre-treated before being powder coated. The
manual finishing and the particularity of the design ensure the best
quality for all the market use. The Sound Level Pressure LWA is
tested and Certified according to CEE84/536 regulation.
Once assembled, the canopy is one single self-supporting block
with a guaranteed solidity and the possibility of lifting the whole
group. All the structure is made by galvanized plate plasticized in
the external surface, while the insulation of the panels is obtained
through the application of a layer of soft polyester class 1 (non
flammable). Residential exhaust gas silencer is located inside the
To minimize the installation cost, the Control Panel is embedded inside
the canopy together with the ATS System and allows an easy, fast and
plug & play connection to the Load. Built using a strong IP 55 case, it
guaratees insulation from any external contamination.
The Control Panel permits any possible combination of connections:
single, dual + grid input and one output.
An Automatic Mains Failure panel with DSE 7320 electronic control card
and integrated Automatic Transfer Switch is supplied with the following
N°1 x DSE 7320 electronic control card
N°1 x 3 pole breaker MCB
N°1 x integrated ATS via 4 pole contactors interlocked
The Control module provides advanced metering facilities, on the LCD
display with a user-friendly interface.
Enhanced features include:
• Programmable via USB port • Preventive maintenance
• Programmable event logging • kW overload protection
• kWh monitoring
Digital Instrumentation: 
• Main / Generator Voltage 
• Current / Frequency 
• Fuel Level 
• Total/Partial hour counter 
• Fail and successful start 
• Battery voltage 
• KVA / KVAr, KW, Cos phi
(only for three phase
Protection with alarm & trip
• Fail to Start
• Low Oil Pressure
• Battery charger fault
• High Water temp. 
• Low water / Fuel Level
• Overload / Over speed 
• Min/Max Freq./Voltage/Battery

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